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Stronger together in meeting global challenges

(LWI) – “We are stronger when we address global challenges together.” That was the sentiment when LWF leadership met with some of its key partner agencies earlier this month / last week. There was a strong affirmation of partnership in addressing global and local challenges.

“The purpose of this meeting is to bring our longstanding partners together as we are heading towards the 13th LWF Assembly and the development of the next LWF Strategy. Together with them, we want to analyze current trends in the global context and discuss common priorities for the years to come,” said Julia Brümmer, LWF PMER coordinator.

“As the LWF works on its upcoming strategy, we want to make sure we have good discussions with our partners with a particular focus on where we see strategic alignment that can strengthen our collaboration,” added Szabolcs Lörincz, director of planning and coordination for the LWF.

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